Introduction to the Wizard's Castle

Actually, other than a very cool video introduction, this area of the site doesn't exist -- yet. It would add $5/mo. to the membership fee to include this area and all its associated features, and take at least six months to program, but the Wizard's Castle would be a very entertaining area of the Astro-Dating web site. It would be a great place to meet new friends in a completely anonymous, 3-dimensional roll-playing environment, and you could learn how to do REAL psychic tricks that will blow your mind. That is -- IF you can find the Wizard's Castle. First you have to locate the "secret button" that will take you inside. (If you find the secret button now you can see the animated video introduction.)

The Wizard's Castle would include an area called the Great Hall, a special 3-D chat room where you get to choose a new, Wizard's Castle Character Name and become any sort of person or creature you like. From Lord of the Rings, Alice in Wonderland, StarTrek, Dungeons and Dragons or any other fantasy world you can imagine, you can create any character you please. You'd fill in a description of your new self, and clicking on any member's name would pop up the description of the character they have become. Your character description would be stored and you could edit it anytime you returned there. You could change your character anytime, but only after discarding any previous identity you may have adopted in this area.

No one knows The Wizard's name, but I am Skycastle, the wizard's assistant. I know that the Wizard often leaves his book of secret knowledge laying around, and if you find it you can learn lots of real "magic." For example, you can learn how to spin a paper wheel using telekinesis (movement at a distance) or perform Visual Telepathy, in just minutes! All you have to do is find the secret power objects and use them to open the wizard's Book of Knowledge and read the simple instructions. Right now you can find this info in Koda's book, Instant Enlightenment: Metaphysical Fast Food at

Over there near the fire is the wizard's staff. He can't be far away, but maybe he wouldn't mind if you touched it -- but maybe he would. Around here you never know where clicking on some things might take you.

Use this link to go to the forum and vote on whether we should charge $5 more per month in order to include this feature.

Does this look like a temporary secret button to you?