Add Celebrity

How to Add a Celebrity to the Astro-Dating Celebrity Database
You can add a new celebrity to the database, but the following conditions will apply:

1) You must know the TIME, date and location of the person's birth.
2) The person must be a genuine celebrity whose name has appeared in the opening credits of a major motion picture or the Billboard Top 100, is a best selling author or national politician, or otherwise appears (or has appeared) regularly in national media.
3) You must provide the source of the information so we can verify its authenticity.

After you have collected the required information, send it to with "celebrity birth info" in the subject line of the email. If everything checks out we will let you know when your favorite star has been added to the list. (We originally allowed people to instantly upload the information but the feature was abused, so now everyone is forced to wait :(

Locating Celebrity Birth Information lists hundreds of celebrity birthdays, but there is no time or location information provided. If you discover a celebrity at this site and would like to add them to our list, you must first locate their birth time and place.

Zodiacal Zephyr's Search Facility allows you to search for birth info for hundreds of celebrities, though the time of birth is sometimes missing.

Astro Pro is a site created by Richard Nolle with lots of birth info for celebs including many birth times.

Astrology sites like the two above are the best place to look for birth info on more than one celebrity at a time.

Fan Sites won't often list birth information, but they sometimes have discussion forums where you can ask for the birth info and someone there may be able to provide it.