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A particular astrology font is required to use the Astro-Grid® and many of the related pages. However, this website has been optimized for nearly all browsers and most people should see the astrology symbols displayed correctly. There may be a problem with some mobile devices or perhaps a page on this site which needs attention. If you discover any problems with the display of astrology symbols (or any other technical problems) please contact
Finding Birth Times Links to websites explaining how to find birth info in each US state and other countries.
Dalight/Standard Time Spring forward, Fall back. When Daylight Time was in effect in the US
Photo Upload Help How to optimize your photos to look good on your profile and in search results.
Profile Help Suggestions for creating a profile that will let people know who you really are. (coming soon)
Grid Help Everything you need to know about using the Astro-Grid® begins with the Grid Quick Tips page.
Messaging and Text Chat Help Not currently available
Video Chat Help There is an on-site video chat page, but if you prefer to video chat one-to-one using free third-party software like Skype of FaceTime this page explains the details.
Search Help Not currently available
Contact Support The answers to your questions are almost certainly explained in the help pages above, and using them is the quickest and easiest way to resolve most issues. If you are experiencing technical problems using the site or otherwise feel you need to contact us, click the link to the left and we will respond ASAP.

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