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Stuff You May Want to Check Out
        The guy who created refers to himself as an "idea artist" and much of his work can be found at his peronal website.
              Rational Spirituality, Koda's Psychic Party Games, Word Art, Changing the World
              Koda: (acoustic guitar ballads and instrumentals)
              Psychic Trance Fur: (spacey, psychedelic, synths, guitars, some vocals)
              Huh?: (fun, sometimes silly, high energy rock)
        Theoretical Inventions:
              Audio Animation: (pictures you see with your ears)
              Inertial Propulsion: ("drive" into orbit for under $100)
              Water Fueled Motors, and more
        Plus there is an art gallery, fiction, poetry, psychic stuff anyone can do, and more. Almost all of it is free.